Customer Benefits

What does the IoT do for us?

In the rush to get moving with the Internet of Things, many developers are still asking questions. What does the IoT do for us? What should we be doing, not doing, or doing differently?

Achieving ROI means reducing development cost, and enhancing revenue streams. From tiny end points, to gateways and single-board computers, to cloud-ready servers, Kontron’s end-to-end experience on the IoT is built in.
Complex solutions can be architected quickly using off-the-shelf, interoperable components.

Applications can be developed in the most appropriate organization, OT or IT, internal or external, deployed incrementally, and reused as needs evolve and scale grows.
Devices can be introduced as trusted elements, connecting across enterprise networks, and fitting into existing asset management and security practices.

Once captured, IoT data supports rapid internal decision making, and can be monetized as-is, sanitized for privacy, and combined with other information from internal or external sources. Analysis can become a product, identifying trends with granularity from local to global, and predicting demand or anticipating problems so a response can be ready at the instant needed. Services once only available internally can be unlocked and made visible, improving transparency without compromising security or triggering massive redevelopment.

Once hyperconnected, the industrial IoT can reach its potential far beyond simplistic ROI measures. ERP is enhanced, visualizing conditions that were previously only captured in best guesses. Customer service makes new breakthroughs with real-time insight. Maintenance strategies shift from preventive to predictive. On-demand information flows to all stakeholders, opening doors to new ideas.

Kontron’s spectrum of hardware platforms combine with planned software platforms and an open ecosystem of application developers, hyperconnecting to bring IoT applications out of hype into valuable reality.