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A World Leader in Embedded Computing Technology

Numerous industries that have long maneuvered in the premises of traditional business environments are now embedding themselves in the fabric of latest technologies such as IoT because of its potential and transcendence. For instance, retail segment is witnessing a complete refurbishment with the integration of the brick & mortar stores and the digital shopping experience. In industrial automation, Industry 4.0 and new business models around asset optimization are spurring the IoT growth. In the medical segment, the promise of wearable sensors and home-health market are sowing the seeds of a new horizon. For the in-vehicle market, autonomous driving and precision farming is leveraging IoT to become reality. With such shifts occurring in the industrial landscape today, corporations across the world need an omniscient, who can aid these industries with the most quintessential tools and sophisticated services needed to thrive in this new dimension. The possessor of such dazzling auxiliaries is German based company Kontron, whose platforms and solutions securely connects devices, meet Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements to enable customers to reduce their R&D costs and create new business models.

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Kontron named industry lead for CREST IoT Connected Healthcare Cluster in Malaysia

Kontron’s local R&D and worldwide IoT expertise along with global embedded computing support acknowledged as right capabilities to lead Cluster Kontron today announced that it will be the industry lead for the CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology) Connected Healthcare Cluster (CHC) in Malaysia, i.e. an initiative formed to drive relevant and far-reaching technology advancements in the application of Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare.

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