Which IoT products does Kontron currently offer?

Much of the IoT focus is on “things” – intelligent devices at the edge. For end points where sensors and actuators interface with the world, Kontron offers a range of small single-board computers suited for industrial use. In a broader context covering both consumer and industrial applications, connecting endpoints into the larger realm of the IoT requires two tiers of technology where Kontron is focused.
Gateways connect multiple end points, providing data aggregation and formatting, protocol conversion, security, and other services. These are typically small form factor systems such as the Kontron KBox mini, packaged for deployment in a variety of environments. Connectivity includes both wired and wireless networking, allowing both variety and scalability of end points.

Infrastructure brings data from gateways and enterprise sources together. Microservers such as the Kontron SYMKLOUD family enable functions such as provisioning and management, analytics, and linking of IoT data to mobile and enterprise applications. These platforms transform data into actionable information, available throughout organizations and with customers and external partners. As Kontron continues to invest in enabling the IoT end-to-end, both hardware and software product offerings will expand.


Where to find Kontron and their products in the IoT ecosystem

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